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[...] In the Arab Spring, many brave activists successfully used the open Internet to coordinate peaceful protests. In response, despotic governments sought to control or close down Internet access; and also used ICT tools as a tool of surveillance and repression.
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James Losey
This is particularly true when one observes the antithesis. One the one hand, Wael Ghonim created a facebook page that is credited as a significant point of organization for the revolution in Egypt.[1] However, in 2010 Jillian York noted that she was unable to create Facebook pages that included the word Palestine. [2] [1] [2]
James Losey, 19/04/2012 16:57
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Lara Ballard
Note that these are two different issues: blocking access to the Internet versus allowing access to the Internet but surveilling activity (or, quite possibly, allowing access to the Internet for the very *purpose* of surveilling activity).
Lara Ballard, 19/04/2012 19:34