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[...] And yet, this is not a simple debate. Even though we agree on values, the debate is no less complex. Take the public highway: another open network. You can get on wherever you want, explore and drive anywhere. Yet, our roads aren't a lawless anarchy: they have traffic lights, speed limits, a Highway Code. Nor, on the other hand, do we overregulate; governments don't tell you what kind of car to buy, or where to drive to. And, however open it is, the road network doesn't come free of charge; someone has to pay, whether through taxes or tolls.
Chris Marsden
Actually common carriage and FRAND are really simple principles (FRAND is complex in practice but straightforward to explain to a child). The Internet has always had them until now - mobiles have not. Public highways have always had them also - even toll roads charge all trucks the same price for the same speed.
Chris Marsden, 07/06/2013 10:17